Posted on February 16, 2021

Are These The Best Alternatives To Smoking Or Vaping Cannabis?

If you’re a new medical marijuana patient, the first time you smoke can sometimes be a little rough. With the uncertainty of how to gauge your doses, the burning throat, and the coughing, you may find yourself looking for smokeless alternatives. There have also been recent studies that have surfaced which question whether or not smoking and vaping may increase your chances of contracting COVID-19. Those same studies also indicate that smoking and vaping is leading to more wildfire smoke, and worsening air pollution. 

Panagis Galiatsatos at John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center is an expert on lung diseases. Here’s what he has to say about smoking and coronavirus: “We are seeing worse cases of COVID-19 in smokers...Your lungs, which are at the forefront of your immune system, are interacting with the environment with every breath. When you inhale cigarette smoke, germs or allergens, your lungs can get irritated, and that irritation unleashes the immune system to fight that irritation. A coronavirus infection on top of that means that your symptom response is going to be amplified.

Fortunately for you, there are a number of ways to reap the benefits of medical marijuana in Florida without having to smoke or vape. Here are some smokeless routes to enjoy your medical cannabis. 

Marijuana Edibles

Just last year, The Florida Department of Health put into effect new rules that officially make marijuana edibles available to all patients with a medical marijuana card in Florida. If you’re someone who suffers from respiratory issues then you should not be smoking or vaping cannabis. Edibles may be the most effective and best alternative for alleviating your symptoms. 

Medical dispensaries all over Florida are now offering their patients the option to consume edibles over smokables. Keep in mind (especially if it’s your first time) to start with a low dose and give it time! Edibles take longer to take effect, but the effects last much longer when compared to inhalation methods. 

Ingestible Cannabis Oils

Next on the list is ingestible oils. They are cannabis concentrates that are taken orally, through tablets or by putting a few drops in food or beverages. Ingestible oil can be purely cannabidiol or popularly referred to as CBD,  purely THC, or a combination of the two. This smokeless alternative  will kick-in and last for on average the same amount of time as edibles.

Marijuana Topicals

Marijuana Topicals refer to cannabis infused products that you can apply to your body. These can come in the form of lotions, pain cream, soaps, and salves. Topicals are a great option for medical marijuana patients in Florida who are suffering from any pain or inflammation. One of the biggest benefits of using topicals is that you can apply them without having to experience any psychoactive effects, regardless of whether the product contains THC or not. 

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As you can see, there are a variety of options for mmj patients. These alternatives to smoking or vaping cannabis can be healthier, and more effective depending on your symptoms. If you have a qualifying condition and want to obtain your Florida Medical Marijuana Card, we encourage you to schedule a risk-free consultation with one of our compassionate board-certified Marijuana Doctors.

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