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Florida's Leading Medical Marijuana Evaluation Clinic

We are proud to be Florida’s leading provider of medical green recommendations. We’ve helped countless Florida patients find relief from their ailments and illnesses. Schedule a consultation today to see how we can help you next.

Since January 3, 2017, Florida residents can obtain a medical recommendation for treatment of certain qualifying conditions. Our board-certified physicians will evaluate you to determine if you may benefit from a medical card . Once you’ve received your recommendation, our helpful staff will assist you with every step of the registration process, from registering with the Florida Department of Health to locating the nearest medical treatment centers in your area.

Marijuana Doctor Difference

We understand that the medical system can be intimidating for many patients and would-be patients to navigate, so we will be with you every step of the way on your journey to find relief. With multiple locations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Lake Worth, and Clearwater, our board-certified physicians and expert staff make it as easy as possible for you to get your Florida State Medical Marijuana Card.

Meet some of our Doctors

Our physicians are certified by the state of Florida, and we make the evaluation process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Dr. Edward Jacobson

Dr. Jacobson is an Osteopathic Physician with over 35 years of experience, including the operation of a
manipulation department in an osteopathic hospital, an osteopathic manipulation practice, and
25 years of experience in oversight in a medical clinic specializing in the treatment of soft tissue
injuries. Performed evaluation of patients with injury, administered and oversaw treatment, and
recommended additional care. More recently, performed evaluations of patients to determine
whether patients should be recommended for approval of a medical cannabis license.

Dr. Steven Barrett

Steven Barrett, M.D. practiced Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care Medicine for many years before joining Marijuana Doctor as a certified provider. He’s impressed with research concerning the potential benefits of medical marijuana as a viable therapeutic option for the treatment of numerous medical conditions, and he’s seen these benefits first-hand in his Marijuana Doctor patients. Marijuana Doctor has proved itself to be a great company, with knowledgeable and competent clinic staff members, for medical marijuana treatment of patients with qualifying medical conditions.

Dr. Allison Koss

Dr Koss has practiced in a variety of settings and with a diverse pool of patients and have found many patients with conditions refractory or whose condition is sub-optimally responsive to treatments with “traditional medical therapeutics” who benefit from cannabis and cannabidiol medicines. Dr. Koss is honored to observe the clinical efficacy of cannabinoid medicine in practice treating over 2,500 patients in Florida so far; and I look forward to continuing to grow in my knowledge research, experience, and clinical expertise in this innovative and interesting specialty field that is Medical Cannabis


Dr. Jonathan Gerson

Dr. Jonathan Gerson

Dr. Jonathan Gerson is a board certified anesthesiologist who has been in practice over 20 years. He received his degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He is certified to recommend medical marijuana in the State of Florida. Although he enjoys meeting new patients, he is especially gratified when seeing the improvement enjoyed by his returning patients.

Dr. Lewis Auerbach

Dr. Lewis Auerbach

Dr. Lewis Auerbach is a hematologist who practices medicine out of Brandon, FL. An experienced physician, he received his medical degree from New York Medical College. Dr. Auerbach is trained and certified to recommend medical marijuana to patients in Florida. Treating all of his patients with both compassion and care after being in practice for more than 20 years, Dr. Auerbach is one of the most trusted specialists on the Marijuana Doctor team.

Dr. Robert Hannum

Dr. Robert Hannum

Dr. Robert J. Hannum is a General Practice Specialist who practices medicine out of Central Florida. Having graduated with honors from the Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Hannum has a career that spans more than 31 years and includes diverse experiences, especially in General Practice and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. As a Certified Ordering Physician and a trusted member of the Marijuana Doctor team, he can give medical marijuana recommendations in the state of Florida.


More than 10,000 5-star reviews

Lisa Witczak
Lisa Witczak

Dr. Lewis Auerbach in Tampa is a retired oncologist and in my opinion is the perfect doctor to see especially if you have cancer! I am so happy I found him because he truly cares about helping his patients!  You will see the passion he has for his patients…

Wendy Hanson
Wendy Hanson

To the doctor and to the staff they are very professional and they are very willing to help you out to every aspect of the process of getting the medical card I commend the office in Lake Worth they were very very professional!

Daniel T.
Daniel T.

Amazing service! Professional and they give you all the information you need. Answered all my questions and walked me through the entire process.

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In recent years, scientific studies of medical cards have shown promising results in the treatment of a variety of ailments and illnesses, by helping to alleviate symptoms. Residents of the State of Florida can now obtain 100% legal Medical Recommendations for treatment of various qualifying conditions.

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