Telehealth is now available in Florida!

The State of Florida now allows the use of telehealth services to re-certify existing patients in Florida's Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

The law, which came into effect on July 1st, 2023, requires an in-person consultation with a physician for a patient’s first certification, but subsequent renewals can be via telehealth visits with the same doctor.

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Some Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana

Patients can qualify for a variety of ailments and illnesses for which medical marijuana has been proven effective to alleviate symptoms. You may qualify if you have been diagnosed with one of the conditions below or another condition with comparable severity and symptoms.

Under state law, a board-certified doctor in Pennsylvania has the discretion to decide if a patient qualifies. They must use the same standards they would for any other medicine.


Chronic pain






Multiple sclerosis

Muscle spasms



Terminal Conditions

Crohn’s disease

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