Posted on December 15, 2018

As we get older, our bodies begin to deteriorate. From blood pressure medication to arthritic pain, we develop needs for prescription drugs. Although these drugs can be highly-effective at treating the conditions that come with aging, they can also be potentially dangerous. For this reason, more and more senior citizens are switching to CBD oil, in place of these prescription drugs.

Reasons Why Senior Citizens are Switching to CBD Oil

Less Pills

The older that we get, the more medications we are put on in order to maintain homeostasis within the body. While different ailments usually require separate prescription medications, CBD oil is able to treat a wide range of symptoms. This means that we can reduce the number of pills we have to take, simply by choosing CBD oil instead.

Less Side Effects

Prescription drugs can produce negative side effects on their own, but it can be even worse when  several prescriptions are combined. When compared to the side effects of common medications, the side effects of CBD are much more rare (and less severe.)


There are some prescriptions that are more addictive than others. One example are painkillers. These drugs, often used for bone or joint pain, can be highly-addictive. CBD is not only extremely effective at treating chronic pain, but also non-addictive, making it a much safer option.

Easy to Use

Pills can sometimes be hard to swallow. Plus, many elderly patients find themselves struggling to maintain an appetite. As you know, most prescriptions must be taken with food, making it difficult for some elderly patients. Aside from being an effective treatment, CBD can be used without practically any effort at all. It can be put in beverages or food, and begin treating symptoms immediately.


Clearly, there are several good reasons why senior citizens are switching the CBD Oil. This natural medication may be right for you, too! If you’re interested in becoming a Marijuana Doctor patient, call us at (844) 442-0362 or schedule your free consultation online.