Posted on February 13, 2018

It’s easy for new medical marijuana patients to be overwhelmed by the number of strains available. Each one has different properties and levels of cannabinoids, which are the chemical compounds that make up the cannabis plant. New patients, or experienced patients looking for more effective strains, may try some of these strains below for the most effective treatment of certain qualifying conditions.

Top Strains for Epilepsy Patients

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound in marijuana that is particularly effective in treating epilepsy, according to the British Epilepsy Association (studies in America have been more limited due to government restrictions, but these limited studies have also drawn the same conclusion). Their 2012 study concluded that CBD has anticonvulsant and anti-seizure properties, so patients with seizure disorders should look for marijuana strains that are high in CBD. Our picks include the following:

Charlotte’s Web:

Originally developed to control seizures in a young girl, it only contains about 0.3 percent THC and high amounts of CBD. Many patients report that it’s extremely effective in reducing their seizures without that “high” effect.

Grape Ape:

This strain can provide a calm relaxation, stress relief, and relief from anxiety and depression; ideal for seizure patients.

White Widow:

This hybrid keeps patients calm and happy while producing creative, euphoric feelings. It can help treat insomnia, pain, and stress that are frequently experienced by seizure patients.

Top Strains for Cancer Patients

Cannabis can help to relieve the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of chemo, particularly when patients use the following strains:


This is a high-CBD marijuana strain that combines with THC to produce significant pain relief and mood improvement. With a 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC, many patients use it as a daytime strain without feeling too high.


In addition to improving the patient’s mood, this strain is great for fighting nausea and improving the appetite.


As the name suggests, this is great for treating pain, insomnia, and other symptoms that cancer patients face. It’s very high in THC, so it’s a great evening strain.

Top Strains for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Not all marijuana strains are helpful for MS patients, so they should look for ones that target their specific symptoms. Here are some of our picks:

Super Sour Diesel:

Containing up to 32 percent THC, it has energizing properties while also providing mental relaxation and pain relief to help patients get through the day.

Critical Mass:

This one has an extremely high CBD content at five percent, although it's also high in THC. It’s extremely relaxing and great for insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, and pain.

Sojay Haze:

This strain primarily targets fatigue in MS patients, although it also provides a relaxed, euphoric feeling, great for both energy and pain relief. Many patients report enhanced creativity as well.

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