Posted on August 19, 2018

If you’ve been involved in the medical marijuana world for a while, you’ve probably asked the question, “What’s the best way to store cannabis?” It’s an extremely common question, especially for new users. There are going to be a lot more new users now that smoking medical marijuana has been approved in the state of Florida. For this reason, we’re going to address the topic of Storing Your Cannabis Properly to ensure that you get the most out of your medicine!

Ideal Temperature

It is recommended that you store your cannabis somewhere cool and dry (below 77 degrees). Mold and Mildew prosper in temperatures warmer than this. Aside from this, heat can also dry out your marijuana essentially destroying the essential oils (cannabinoids and terpenes).

You also do not want to store your cannabis somewhere that is too cold, like the freezer or even the fridge. These two things can ruin your cannabis as much as heat can. The temperature and humidity levels fluctuate too much in the fridge & freezer. This can also cause the cannabis to lose cannabinoids and terpenes.

Your best option is to keep your marijuana slightly cooler than room temperature. Many people recommend a basement or cellar as long as it’s not too damp. Above we mentioned a cool, dry place, which brings us to our next point...

Moderate Humidity

Too much humidity can ruin your weed as much as the heat and cold can. Too little humidity can dry it out. It is recommended that you store your cannabis somewhere between 59 and 63 percent relative humidity. This will preserve the consistency, aroma, color and flavor of the cannabis.

You’re probably wondering how you can monitor humidity that closely. More and more humidity control products are hitting the shelves each day. The most popular humidity control product is humidity packs that you stick inside the container with your cannabis. These have proven to be quite effective.

Dark Places

Your cannabis should be kept in a cool, dry and dark place. A study conducted at the University of London back in the 70’s found that sunlight was, by far, the most degrading element to cannabis. You don’t have to keep it in complete darkness, but keep it out of direct sunlight.


Stop storing your weed in plastic bags and containers. Plastic can make the cannabis sweat, leading to mold and mildew issues. Your best option for long-lasting cannabis is to store it in a airtight, glass container. If you have access to a vacuum sealer, that’s even better, but it is not necessary. A mason jar with a screw on lid is perfectly acceptable.

Make sure that you’re not storing different strains of cannabis in the same container, either. This can mix flavors and scents, so get a separate container for each strain.

Storing Other Forms of Medical Marijuana

We don’t recommend storing edibles long-term, however, most products in dispensaries will have specific instructions for each product on the back.

Tinctures, oils and concentrates are much less susceptible to mold, mildew, heat and light. With that being said, it is still recommended that you follow the care instructions above.


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