Posted on May 10, 2018

At Marijuana Doctor our primary goal is to help our patients receive the care and medicine that they need to achieve the highest quality of life possible. We’re proud to announce our newest partnership with Phyto Partners, a venture capital fund. Together we will work to save lives through the legalization and growth of the medical marijuana industry.

Marijuana Doctor

We are the #1 CBD and THC medical evaluation clinic in Florida. Currently we have 12 operating clinics statewide and are preparing to launch our first mobile clinic. The mobile clinic will allow us to reach patients that don’t live near one of our brick & mortar locations. Within the next 9 months, we plan on having 30 operating clinics in the state Florida.

Phyto Partners

Phyto invests in companies that are “necessary and critical to facilitate the growth of the medical marijuana industry.” When asked about their investment in Marijuana Doctor, Phyto Partners had this to say: "Phyto is proud to provide the funding for Marijuana Doctor to grow the network in Florida and expand to other states, helping people gain access to this amazing new medicine."

We share the belief that every individual in need of relief should have access to medicinal marijuana. Our new partnership with Phyto provides Marijuana Doctor with the opportunity to continue to grow the medical marijuana industry in the state of Florida and beyond.

At Marijuana Doctor, we not only make medical marijuana accessible, but we also put an emphasis on education. It’s extremely important to us to get our patients exactly what they need. Phyto said: "We see Marijuana Doctor as providing the necessary patient touchpoint, not only to gain access to the medicine but the vital information and education for how to use their medicine."

They went on to say: "Ivan and Rory have assembled a terrific group of certified and qualified physicians throughout their network of 12 clinics and a mobile unit that will provide patients with a professional and knowledgeable resource to help them with their medical needs."

Get Relief, Today

No one should have to live in pain. Medical marijuana has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives. Together we will continue pushing for access to this healing medicine not just in Florida, but across the entire country.

It’s time to stop living in pain. Contact Marijuana Doctor, today!  You can call us at (786) 224-4005, schedule and appointment online, or visit us at one of our 12 Florida locations. We look forward to speaking with you.