Posted on August 17, 2018

Medical Marijuana offers many benefits to both the body and the mind. There are several different methods that can be used to consume this natural medicine. Some of these methods are quite simple, while others tend to be much more complicated. Additionally, some methods take a while to kick in, while others allow you to feel the effects instantaneously. As the world of medical cannabis grows, new methods are being developed. This article will discuss the newest method: Dabbing.

Methods of Use

The most popular method is smoking. It’s simple and allows you to feel the effects quickly, however, not everyone can do it. There’s also the option to consume edibles, but these will take longer to kick in. You can steep fresh leaves in boiling water for a tea, but this process neglects to include many of the beneficial compounds that the flower has to offer.

Potent Extract

In order to make cannabis into a liquid that is much more potent, a stronger solvent must be used, like CO2 or Butane. These solvents can extract the cannabinoids and other good stuff the flower has to offer and turn it into a tiny, yet highly-concentrated, amount of liquid.

Heating this concentrated liquid will evaporate the solvent, leaving you with a sticky substance called wax or shatter. This is the product that is used for dabbing.

Equipment Needed

Dabbing requires a few different pieces of equipment. You need a water pipe, nail, dome, torch and dab tool. First, any bong can be converted into a dab rig. They do sell specifically designed dab rigs, but they can be quite expensive. A nail is a crucial component to dabbing, as this is the piece that will be used to heat the wax. You place the nail where the bowl would go in a water pipe. The dome sits over the nail to catch the vapor. The dab tool is used to place the wax on the nail and the torch is used to heat it.

Once the wax or shatter has been heated, the vapor will be caught in the dome. Once you inhale the vapor from the dome, it will rapidly make its way into your bloodstream. You will feel these effects very quickly, and they will be intense as this substance is very potent.

Benefits of Dabbing

Dabbing produces intense effects very rapidly. People that require fast relief will tend to choose this method. It usually requires just one hit and the effects will last much longer than the effects of smoking. Dabbing is also said to taste better and contains no ashy by-products.

Risks Associated with Dabbing

Dabbing is certainly not the safest method of using marijuana. The end-product is extremely potent which makes it possible to overdose. No one has ever died from overdosing on marijuana, however, consuming too much too quickly can result in paranoia, panic attacks, increased heart rate and even passing out (which can lead to accidental injury).

Consuming any amount of marijuana can lead to tolerance and/or withdrawal. Since this method uses such a potent liquid, the withdrawal symptoms can be even worse. These symptoms may include nausea, insomnia, depression, mood swings, headaches, nightmares or night sweats.

It is always possible, especially if you’ve made your own wax or shatter, that there will be residual solvent in the product. While the heating process should cause most of this to evaporate, this is not always the case. Residual butane can cause mild lung irritation, but is not a serious side effect.

How to Dab Safely

The best option to ensure that you dab safely is to buy your concentrates from a licensed vendor. This will save you from the complicated and sometimes dangerous extraction process. It will also ensure that you’re getting high quality, SAFE product.

If you’re going to dab, invest in an actual dab rig instead of a converted bong. It’s simpler and safer to use.

Lastly, ease into it. Don’t do too much, too quickly. Dabbing can be extremely intense, so proceed with caution. Get yourself a scale and be exact. Using just a little too much can cause negative side effects.


In order to try out dabbing for yourself, you must be a medical marijuana card holder.

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