Posted on February 1, 2018

Medical marijuana edibles have come a long way since their inception. While they can take several forms, from the traditional brownies to gummies, their beneficial impact on relieving pain and helping to alleviate certain qualifying conditions remains the same. However, due to the effects of marijuana, and the concentration levels of some edibles, it is important to understand safe consumption before starting a regimen.

Be Mindful of the Dosage

Read the label for the appropriate and recommended dosage. Each treat will have its own dosage, so go by what the individual label says.

If trying edibles for the first time, make sure not to select a dosage that is too high. Also, be mindful of the number of edibles consumed. For best results, start small and wait for a period before increasing the dosage. Only move on to a higher dosage once a comfortable effect has been achieved.

Remain Patient

Edibles take longer to show their effects than smoked marijuana. Smoking and vaping can take effect in minutes, whereas edibles can take anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour. While they may take longer to take effect, they typically last longer and come with greater intensity.

Above all, do not take more because it has not “kicked in” yet. Give it some time. Taking more can lead to an uncomfortable and unsafe experience, especially when already taking the recommended dosage.

Eat Well

Like any medication or drug, eating beforehand can lessen the effects. Eating on a full stomach can reduce the severity of the high, making it easier to handle.

When consuming edibles, have regular snacks and water available. Continue consuming both throughout the experience.

Take Alone

Do not consume the edible with any other type of controlled or prescribed substance. It is also advised not to use it with alcohol at any point. Doing so will increase the impact of both the edible and the alcohol.

Stay Somewhere Safe and Comfortable

Edibles are perfect for everyday use thanks to their portable size and packaging, but just like using medical marijuana in any other form, users should only take them at home - in a safe environment. Negative or intense highs are always still possible, and it is best to be in a place that is familiar if this were to happen. If there is a negative reaction, just try to remain calm with the assurance that the symptoms should fade within a few hours.

Schedule an Evaluation With Marijuana Doctor

If you think you may qualify for medical marijuana for a qualifying condition, then schedule an appointment with Marijuana Doctor. We can evaluate you to determine if you qualify for receiving medical marijuana at a dispensary in Florida. Also, you can trust our evaluations knowing our physicians are Florida State-certified to determine if your symptoms could be alleviated with the help of medical marijuana. You can also check your eligibility online, but bear in mind that this does not guarantee a recommendation and only the physician can determine if you qualify after reviewing your medical history and completing his or her physical exam.