Posted on May 21, 2018

We’re excited to announce the launch of our first Mobile Clinic! The ‘modern style’ unit is 26 ft. long by 8.5 ft. wide with an 8 ft. tall ceiling. The nose of the unit has a 8.5 ft. x 9 ft. exam room and the tail portion of the unit has a 17 ft. x 8.5 ft. waiting room + CBD retail area.

As early as June 2018, we will begin driving from one stop to another, starting out in Central Florida. We have formed joint ventures with brick and mortar business owners to utilize their parking lots. You will be able to see our NEW Mobile clinic at many different events around the state of Florida.

In a recent interview we were asked, "What problems is the Marijuana Doctor Mobile Clinic going to solve?" The benefits of the Mobile Unit include:


Some counties have put up memorandums which do not allow medical marijuana companies to operate at a brick and mortar level. We will now be able to service our patients from our mobile unit as well as any of our brick and mortar locations, statewide.


We don't believe people should have to spend hundreds of dollars to get their medicine. New patients can get started and see our doctor for the low price of $74.99. This program gives them special access to discounts and free medicine! Additionally, we dispense the highest quality medical grade CBD in our clinics at the most affordable price on the market. The Mobile Clinic will allow us to reach (and help) more people than ever before!


With over 230 five-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp, our patients receive high-quality customer service and guidance regarding the application process. Many private practitioners don't understand the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card, leaving their patients in limbo. At Marijuana Doctor, we take our patients needs seriously.


Our doctors and staff are highly educated, which helps our patients feel comfortable and secure about this new program. We allow our patients to setup calls or come in to talk to our doctors for free once they join the Marijuana Doctor membership program. If you have questions, we’ve got answers!


Many people simply don't know that Medical Marijuana is available and/or how to qualify. The Mobile Clinic will bring awareness to the market as a mobile billboard. The exterior of the unit rotates educational content and factual graphics to help guide and inform people. It is also quite common for many individuals to upload pictures of/with the Mobile Clinic to social media which will create a viral loop for advertising.

It’s extremely important for us at Marijuana Doctor to get the word out that Medical Marijuana saves lives. This Mobile Clinic is going to help us do just that!

Do you have questions about what it takes to get your Florida Medical Marijuana card? Click HERE to schedule your consultation today or call us at (786) 224-4005. We look forward to speaking with you.