Posted on September 4, 2018

Whether you’re new to using medical marijuana or have been doing so for a while now, you may have found yourself wondering, “How Long Will Marijuana Stay in My System?” It’s extremely important for you to realize that many companies still have a zero tolerance drug policy, even if you hold a medical marijuana card. If you use medical marijuana, you should be aware of how long the drug will stay in your system.

Influencing Factors

There are a few different factors that will influence how long marijuana will stay in your system. It depends on how long you’ve been using, how much you’ve used, and what method you utilized (smoke, edibles, etc..)

THC is detectable for a few hours, however, it breaks down into metabolites which are stored in your body fat until they can be eliminated through urine.

How Long and How Much

If you’ve been using for a long time and you consider yourself a regular to heavy user, it’s going to take much longer for the metabolites to leave your body. If you’re a relatively new user, it is likely that it will take less time for the metabolites to diminish.

Different Methods

Smoking/vaping marijuana hits you much faster, usually within a few minutes. Edibles take longer to kick in, anywhere from 20-90 minutes. Other methods such as tinctures are even more rapid, entering your bloodstream much faster. While all methods take effect differently, they all will show up on a test for approximately the same amount of time.

Drug Tests

Blood and saliva tests are used less frequently because they can only show current intoxication. Urine tests are much more common because they show recent use by the levels of metabolites in your system.

You should know that there is no true way to trick or fool a drug test for marijuana. Cleanses and drinking lots of water will not clear the metabolites out of your system. If you are drug tested on short notice, you will most likely fail. The only foolproof way to pass a drug test, is to refrain from using for as long as you can, prior to the test.

How Long will Marijuana Stay in My System?

Every person is different, so marijuana will stay present in some users longer than others. A general time frame that marijuana will remain in your system is as follows:

1st time: 5 - 8days
2 - 4 times a week: 11 - 18 days
5 - 6 times a week: 33 - 48 days
Daily: 50 - 77 days



As medical marijuana becomes more accepted, the rules may eventually change. Regardless, there’s no reason to live in pain. If you are suffering from an illness that may qualify you as a medical marijuana patient, we urge you to call us at (786) 224-4005 or schedule your free consultation online.