Posted on March 27, 2024

Curaleaf is a leading international provider of medicinal cannabis products with a mission to enhance lives by cultivating, sharing, and celebrating the power of the plant. As a high-growth cannabis company known for quality, expertise, and reliability, Curaleaf and its brands provide industry-leading service, product selection, and accessibility across the medical market.

Curaleaf’s vision is to be the world’s leading cannabis company through education, accessibility, and customer satisfaction with high-quality products backed by science. Its mission is to improve lives by providing clarity around cannabis and confidence around consumption. Curaleaf’s core values include passion, a drive to deliver, respect for all, commitment to innovation, and “One Curaleaf.”


Curaleaf began as a medical device company created to help late-stage cancer patients use cannabis in the hospital. They pivoted into medical cannabis dispensaries and opened their first location in New Jersey in 2015.

With a presence in 17 US states and an expanded footprint in Europe, Curaleaf is a leading international provider of consumer products in cannabis with a mission to improve lives by providing clarity around cannabis and confidence around consumption.


Curaleaf is headquartered in New York and operates 147 dispensaries in 17 states. They currently have more than 60 dispensaries in Florida. To find a location near you, please visit their website:

Image of outside of Curaleaf dispensary


Curaleaf offers many products including flower, vapes, and edibles. Their portfolio is always expanding but some of the most recent releases include:

Photo of Curaleaf edible product
  • Edibles:
    • JAMS 
      • JAMS is a flavor-forward cannabis edibles brand designed to meet the needs of new medical cannabis patients and those seeking an introduction to edibles. The full product lineup includes Jellies, Fast-Acting Jellies, and Chocos. 
    • Select Live Rosin X Bites 
      • Select Live Rosin X Bites are the most recent expansion to the Select's X Bites edibles line, formulated with high-quality cannabis oil, allowing patients to manage their treatment plan with confidence and ease. The X Bites offer a steady, prolonged, and elevated experience by optimizing the absorption and delivery of THC molecules into the body. The onset is strong and the effects are long-lasting. These bites feature a new encapsulation technology, a specially engineered coating that protects the cannabinoids to maximize the absorption of every milligram
Photo of technician holding cannabis flower
  • Flower
    • Grassroots Flower & Pre-Rolls
      • Bringing creativity to cultivation, Grassroots is a Chicago-born premium brand that celebrates cannabis and community in their most honest forms. For patients at any point of their medical cannabis journeys, Grassroots offers carefully cultivated pre-rolls featuring the highest quality flower. This cannabis brand also supplies flower in 3.5g, 3.5g minis, and a pre-roll 5-pack in 0.4g offerings for controlled dosing. 
    • B NOBLE Pre-Rolls
      • B NOBLE is a for-profit, cause-based cannabis brand founded by Hip-Hop pioneer, filmmaker, visual artist and cannabis advocate, Fab 5 Freddy. In partnership with Curaleaf's corporate social responsibility program, Rooted in Good, the B NOBLE brand launched in 2021 and became the Company's first large-scale, social equity-focused venture. 
      • With every B NOBLE sale, ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to GreenBook Academy, a group that aims to create job opportunities for everyone through education.
  • Vapes
    • Select Liquid Diamonds 
      • Select Liquid Diamonds are made with liquified THCA crystalline and strain-specific cannabis-derived terpenes to deliver an extra boost of potency. THCA crystals, also known as Liquid Diamonds, form throughout the extraction process which removes all plant material so that only crystalized cannabinoids remain. 
    • Select BRIQ
      • Select Briq is a proprietary vape that reimagines the medical cannabis experience, developed in partnership with Advanced Vapor Devices. Select Briq is an all-in-one, two-gram vape filled with Select's best-selling oils, Select Essentials, and Select Elite.


Patients walk into a dispensary looking for something specific to their unique needs. Curaleaf aims to provide an ideal experience, whether the patient has placed an order ahead and wants to get in and out quickly, or needs more guidance on their choices. Curaleaf’s staff are always happy to work with patients to assess their level of experience and curate an unparalleled medical cannabis experience.

Photo of Curaleaf dispensary staff member assisting a patient


Curaleaf is deeply committed to supporting and helping their communities. Their efforts and investments include:

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

▪ Curaleaf is actively working towards its goal for 10% of its team members to come from populations touched by low-level cannabis-related offenses

▪ In 2022, Curaleaf and Select brands contributed more than $1,400,000 to partner organizations across the country that address collateral consequences associated with marijuana-related offenses

Social Equity 

▪ “420 by 2025” goal: Curaleaf aims to do business with 420 new cannabis brands, ancillary suppliers, and advocacy organizations from underrepresented communities in the cannabis ecosystem.

Executive Roundtable Program 

▪ They provide mentorship and support to license holders and applicants from the social equity community by pairing these protégés with members of their executive team.


▪ Currently is engaged in the development of a packaging recycling program, and working to create standard operating procedures to lead to more efficient water and energy usage across its national cultivation footprint.

Image of Curaleaf corporate office


Curaleaf is committed to serving Florida’s patient population with more breakthrough innovations in the coming months and years, and always striving for continuous improvement across the board. Recently, they were 

the first to introduce “Liquid Diamonds” vapes in Florida and have additional new formats, strains, and products on the horizon.

Research and Development is a key pillar of Curaleaf, not only in Florida, but internationally. They are committed to the development of highly formulated products backed by science and are proud to have an industry-leading team of dedicated scientists at R&D facility in Massachusetts, as well as collaborations with the Imperial College in London, the Institute of Cancer Research in London, the University of Insubria in Italy, the Fondazione Mondino in Italy, and a partnership with Boiron, a major European pharmaceutical company.

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