Posted on April 4, 2024

AYR Cannabis Dispensary is the third largest Medical Marijuana Treatment Center in the Florida medical cannabis industry. Utilizing advanced cannabis cultivation techniques, they craft a diverse range of premium medical cannabis products, including high-THC flower, distillate, live resin, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and topicals.

They value lifelong learning and believe maintaining curiosity is key for staying up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of cannabis trends and innovations. They deliver guidance with expertise, enthusiasm, and, most importantly, through a deep understanding of the needs and desires of their cannabis patients.

AYR Cannabis Dispensary is committed to being a force for good in the communities they serve and the world. They're not just selling high-quality medical cannabis products, they’re cultivating a cannabis community and a movement that’s dedicated to wellness, equality, and sustainability.


In 2023, their Florida dispensaries officially transitioned from Liberty Health Sciences to AYR Cannabis Dispensary. Though LHS was acquired by AYR in 2021, their official transition in 2023 marked an exciting point in the company's history. AYR is proud to show their commitment to the Florida medical cannabis market by not only rebranding all Florida dispensaries but by also relocating the company headquarters to Miami.


AYR has deep roots in Florida with its company headquarters located in Miami and cultivation site in Gainesville, Florida. AYR has 90 dispensaries across the country, including 64 Florida locations. They operate medical marijuana dispensaries in 8 states, including Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.


AYR Cannabis Dispensary Greenhouse

AYR Wellness in Gainesville is growing more than a quarter of a million plants per year that enrich the lives of the patients who experience them.

"We are dedicated to growing the highest quality flower with precision and efficiency. Growing takes place in our large-scale hybrid greenhouse utilizing best practices in both cannabis and agriculture. We are vertically integrated, meaning that all growing, extraction, and manufacturing happens on the farm,” explained Michael Herfurth, Director of Cultivation for Florida.

Their uniqueness is based on choosing to grow at scale in a Florida greenhouse. This decision allows AYR to utilize the sunshine state’s natural light spectrum and combine it with agricultural artistry in order to produce crops year-round. The greenhouse is equipped with its own computerized system that controls temperature, photoperiod, and irrigation. Focus is heavily based on harnessing the plants' natural processes.


Camino Soft Chews, kynd Flower and HAZE Concentrates.
  • kynd flower is cultivated by expert growers. Every strain tells a story, and AYR’s meticulous cultivation process ensures that each bud embodies the essence of kynd’s commitment to excellence.
  • AYR recently partnered with Kiva Confections, one of the country’s most well-known and respected makers of medical cannabis edibles, to bring Camino Soft Chews to the Florida market. With a variety of terpene-tailored effects and delicious fruit flavors, they invite Florida medical cannabis patients  to explore their family of Camino edibles, which includes sativa, hybrid, and indica soft chews.
  • AYR’s HAZE concentrates provide potent formulations, faster onset, and stronger effect. HAZE serves full-spectrum potency in various modalities.


  • Powdered Donuts is a Florida medical cannabis patient favorite and is available across several product categories, including flower, pre-roll, shake, concentrates, and vape  cartridges. This well-rounded indica strain has a bright, uplifting citrus aroma paired with a sweet and slightly fruity flavor profile.
  • Another favorite is Lucid Dreamz, a sativa strain that has been known to amplify productivity so you can dive into tasks with heightened focus, uplift your mood, ease pain, and banish anxiety. Sweet, fruity, and spicy notes, accompanied by woody and earthy undertones, create a captivating flavor and aroma.
  • AYR is constantly working on creating and cultivating new medical marijuana strains for their patients. They offer a tiered flower system that allows patients to easily find flower that fits their potency needs.  Stay tuned for several new flower strains launching this spring!


The AYR Cannabis Dispensary Team is always ready to help!

AYR's passion for medical cannabis is reflected in their commitment to delivering a personalized experience that caters to each patient's unique medical cannabis wellness journey. Their retail teams, well-versed in strain information, cannabinoid content, and terpene profiles, are dedicated to helping Florida medical cannabis patients  find the THC and CBD products that are best suited to their individual needs. They also take pride in their expansive Patient Assistance Program, providing discounts for all patients and offering specialized discounts for veterans, seniors, and pediatric patients through compassionate pricing. Moreover, their medical cannabis dispensaries in Florida feature consultation areas with highly trained team members who are ready to provide personalized consultations for patients who would like additional assistance. This holistic approach to customer service exemplifies AYR's dedication to enhancing the well-being of their patients throughout their medical cannabis health and wellness journey.


  • Hyperlocal Community Service
    • Community impact is at the core of AYR's mission. Through strategic partnerships with local organizations, they stay actively involved in the communities they serve.  From hosting multiple food drives throughout the year in Florida, benefiting local food banks and charities, to their annual “12 Days of Giving” holiday donation drive, their commitment extends across markets. AYR remains dedicated to identifying and seizing opportunities to make a meaningful difference within their local communities.
  • Expungement events & restorative initiatives targeting the War on Drugs
    • In the dynamic cannabis industry, social responsibility is paramount, especially in aiding communities disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs. AYR's Changing Legacies initiative provides crucial life rebuilding tools, one of which includes access to legal services tailored for cannabis-related criminal record expungement. Nationwide, they host expungement events and collaborate with community organizations addressing recidivism.
  • Education, professional development & acceleration opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs
    • Fostering inclusivity is fundamental to shaping a thriving cannabis industry. Through their Seeds to Success program, they are dedicated to empowering underrepresented communities, cultivating business leaders, and promoting diversity. AYR's comprehensive efforts extend beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing job fairs, educational services, accelerator programs, and an array of resources tailored for individuals breaking into the industry. They believe that by bridging the gap for minority communities, they not only contribute to industry success but also create a more equitable and dynamic cannabis community.


AYR is thrilled to highlight their new Director of Edibles Chef Matthew Petersen, who is a former Top Chef Contestant and protégé of culinary legends Morimoto and Daniel Boulud. Matthew’s vast experiences as a chef for high-end hotels and fine dining restaurants, paired with his cannabis-history and expertise, are the ingredients for the perfect edibles chef. His mission is to bring high quality medical cannabis edibles, made with integrity and consistency, to the patients that AYR serves.  Matthew joined AYR in the spring of 2023 and has been working hard to bring the Sunshine State a culinary medical cannabis edibles experience like no other.


AYR's vision for 2024 is to continue expanding their footprint in Florida, release new products, cultivate new medical marijuana strains, and participate in community medical cannabis events all across Florida. Ultimately, their goal is to be a force for good, bringing lasting positive change to our communities, the industry, and the world.

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